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Panel Descriptions and Speaker Bios




  • Blum AwardBlum Award: AABPA presented the 2019 James L. Blum Award to Teri Gullo, Assistant Director for Budget Analysis at CBO, and Phil Joyce, Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Management, Finance and Leadership at the Maryland School of Public Policy. Both Teri and Phil are past presidents of AABPA and are highly respected across the budgeting community.


  • William GaleKeynote: William Gale shared his prescription for Fiscal Therapy – Curing America’s Debt Addiction and Investing in the Future. It starts with recognizing our two intertwined problems: rising public debt and the way we tax and spend. And, it requires a three-part solution: control entitlements (preserve anti-poverty and social insurance features); boost children’s programs, human capital, infrastructure, and research; and raise and reform taxes. William Gale's Slides



  • Mark SchwartzThe Role of Analysis in the Amazon HQ2 Process in Virginia: the importance of reliable, credible analysis came through clearly. Two factors of note were 1) the spirit of “coop-etition” across the region that was embedded in Arlington’s proposal; and 2) the fact that Arlington and Alexandria had already-adopted plans addressing issues of interest to Amazon, such as transportation and education, and these plans envision more growth than HQ2 requires. Slides from this session
  • The Growth and Evolution of Public Policy Education: reviewed the NASPAA accreditation process and provided extensive information about the scope and breadth of programs and degrees in policy analysis and public administration of value to practitioners at all levels of experience. Slides from this session
  • Enriching the Debate: Insights and Policy Successes from State and Federal Leaders: reviewed how the Pew Charitable Trusts, Volcker Alliance, and Congressional Research Service produced relevant and timely analyses which led to evidence-based policy changes in Arizona and Utah, as well as greater understanding by federal lawmakers of the fiscal connections between levels of government.
    Slides from this session: 1) William Glasgall, 2) Stephen Bailey
  • What’s Under the Evidence-based Umbrella? Major reforms and initiatives are underway across the government for making data accessible and useful to decision-making. These are advancing the use of rigorous approaches (such as tiered evidence models and randomized control trials) and the establishment of learning agendas within agencies. Nick Hart's Handout
  • The Post-Shutdown Budget Landscape: Shutdowns are not a new occurrence; however, the Congress has introduced multiple proposals on how to address a lapse in appropriation in the future. As of now, no appropriations have been enacted for fiscal year 2020, there is a desire to reach a budget deal for the discretionary caps, and the Treasury will run out of options for debt financing in the fall. A lot will be happening over the next few months. Slides from this session: 1) James Saturno, 2) Edward Liu, 3) Justin Riordan
  • And--we took time at lunch to remember inspirations we've said good-bye to in recent weeks: Alice Rivlin, Stan Collender, and OMB and CBO stalwarts Bing Bradshaw and CG Nuckols. Reminded us all how much we draw upon each other as a community.

AABPA Spring Symposium 2018

Government Work Is Good Work

A Fresh Look at Government Work

Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Auditorium of the Department of Education

501 C St. SW, Washington, DC (enter on the C street side of the building)

AABPA and ABFM Members: $125.00
Non-members: $195.00

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Join us April 4 in Washington DC for a fresh look at government work with a variety of speakers and panelists who understand the challenges and the importance of public service.


8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Morning Plenary Session

-A Conversation with Holly Harvey
-Coffee Break
-Keynote Speaker John Koskinen

11:45 AM
Buffet Lunch and Networking with Colleagues and Friends
1:15 PM
Afternoon Concurrent Panel Discussions

-Working in Crises Situations: The Response and the Recovery
-Budget and Appropriations Reform: What Will it Produce? (ABFM Panel)

2:30 PM
Networking Coffee Break
2:45 PM
Final Session: Doing Good Work: Making A Difference Throughout Your Career
4:00 PM

John KoskinenOur keynote speaker, John Koskinen, completed his term as Commissioner of IRS last November and is well known for his willingness to accept challenges. After years in the private sector working to stabilize large troubled companies, he was tapped to lead the President’s Council on Year 2000 IT Conversion and then served as Deputy Director of Management at OMB. He agreed to step in as Deputy Mayor and City Manager of the District of Columbia as it worked its way out of five court-appointed receiverships and was acting CEO of Freddie Mac in 2009 during the financial crisis. His unique combination of public and private sector experience provides important insights into the role of career professionals in government.

Holly HarveyWe’re also delighted to have joining us Holly Harvey, recently from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and recipient of AABPA’s 2018 James L. Blum Award for Distinguished Service. As Deputy Assistant Director from 2009 to 2017, she led a multidisciplenary team of dedicated professionals to produce independent, timely analysis of federal health care programs for Congressional deliberations. Prior to 2009, she held analyst positions for CBO, the Congressional Research Service, and the HHS Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation. AABPA’s President-Elect, Michael Sieverts, formerly Budget Director for NSF, will talk with Holly about the challenges of providing large amounts of timely, objective information for legislative decisions by Congress.


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