AABPA Officers and Directors - 2017-2018

Meet the AABPA Board! This all volunteer group of Executive Committee members, Officers, Directors, Programs Committee members, and interns work together to carry out AABPA's mission to provide educational, networking, and career development opportunities for our colleagues in the budgeting and program analysis community.
If you see an open position on the board and are interested in getting more involved, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to volunteer or just learn more! Additionally, all of our board meetings are open to all of our members.  We meet on the second Tuesday of the month by conference call.  Contact us for the details. 
President: Carolyn Brock
 Brock Picture
Agency/Organization:  Independent consultant doing business as Matrix Consulting Services since 1993
President-Elect: Michael Sieverts
Sieverts Picture
Agency/Organization:  National Science Foundation
Position: Division Director, Budget
Past-President: Darreisha Bates
Darreisha Bates 
Agency/Organization: Government Accountability Office
Position: Senior Analyst/Program Manager

Vice President for Programs: Genese Harris



Agency/Organization: Department of Transportation

Position: Financial Specialist

Vice President for Symposia: Karen Kunz 


Agency/Organization: West Virginia University

Position: Associate Professor

Vice President for Communications:
Melissa Flottman


Agency/Organization: DOJ, US Attorney's Office

Position: Budget Officer

Vice President for Membership: Dan Singer


Agency/Organization: US Department of Housing and Urban Development, OCFO, Assistant Chief Financial Officer for Budget

Position: Senior Budget Analyst


Treasurer/Secretary: Navneeta Chandra

Navneeta Chandra

Agency/Organization: U.S. Department of Treasury

Position: Senior Budget Analyst




Ed Brigham

Brigham Picture

Agency/Organization: Federal Consulting Alliance (FCA)

Position: Executive Consultant

Melissa Neuman

Melissa Neuman Picture 

Agency/Organization: Office of Management and Budget / George Washington University

Position: Policy Analyst / Adjunct Professor

Justin Ryan Riordan

Justin Riordan


Agency/Organization: Congressional Budget Office

Position: Analyst

Sandra Beattie

Sandra Beattie

Agency/Organization: State of New York

Position: Deputy Budget Director

George Krumbhaar 

Krumbhaar Picture

Agency/Organization: Carnegie Mellon University

Position: Adjunct Professor of Public Policy

Joe Kull

Kull Picture

Agency/Organization: Price, Waterhouse, and Coopers


Jon Stehle

Stehle Picture


Juliet Vargas

Vargas Picture

Agency/OrganizationU.S. Department of Agriculture

Patrick Washington


Agency/Organization: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Tony DiGiovanni


Agency/Organization: National Science Foundation

Matthew Bright


Agency/Organization: Department of Justice

Position: Budget Analyst