AABPA is pleased to offer the following group packages for universities to sponsor the symposia and send students for a day of valuable opportunities. All packages include:

  • Special verbal acknowledgement by AABPA’s president throughout the day, and
  • Recognition in AABPA’s promotional literature about the symposium.

How Your University Can Benefit from the Symposia?


The conference explores important topics in depth and allows students and professors to network for future research, internship, and career positions respectively. Students are given the opportunity to network with professionals in the field during a lunch mentorship.

Career/Academic Development Officers

Career development officers will have access to many federal agencies and private for-profit and non-profit organizations to develop relationships which may result in future internships and employment opportunities for your students.

Admissions Officials

Admissions officials will encounter professionals who may be interested in pursuing a degree at your Institution. Admission Officers can bring university program materials to the symposium for distribution.


Your alumni will gain professional development and contacts to help them succeed or transition into the budget and program areas.

University Sponsorship Packages